Interesting video below of Rushton taking questions from his fans. What strikes me is how eloquent and upper class he was, especially when answering the question about Indian Americans:

The Indians that we notice over here are almost higher scorers than white people. They earn more money. They dominate in physics departments, engineering departments of universities, over-represented in information technology, they do extremely well; entrepreneurial and so on.

Rushton’s ability to just rattle off four examples of Indians intelligence (income, academic acumen, technological talent, and business success) while throwing in fancy adjectives like “entrepreneurial”, all with flawless elocution, shows verbal skills on a level that Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman never came close to achieving.

I noticed too in the conversations I’d have with him, while he would sometimes misunderstand my questions, his answers were always extremely articulate and commonsensical. For example when asked about Oprah’s super sized brain, he replied:

There are always going to be those who are way off in the top 1%, and indeed one would have to be to succeed in a field as competitive as television talk shows

When asked about regression predicting IQ from income:

Billionaires are going to be more intelligent than millionaires who are going to be more intelligent than the middle class, who are going to be more intelligent than welfare recipients. That’s the way the model works.

He was also the best writer of all the prominent HBDers, writing:

Archaic forms of the three main races seem to differ in antiquity.

What a beautiful sentence. Rushton understood the rhythm of language.

Rushton was in a tough position, being a very non-autistic man with a hugely autistic following, and you could see the frustration in the dismissive way he answered some of the questioners in the below video. When one man went on a monologue about accepting high IQ people of all races, Rushton rudely dismissed him with “Okay thanks for the thought”.

It’s almost as if Rushton was angry that non-racist open borders people were among his fans.

He dismisses another questioner with the dumb cliché “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future”