I’m so excited about this new HBO show that I’m literally counting down the hours until debuts. The trailer is really well done and dark.

Don’t know what it is about this show that makes me want to watch so badly. I love watching shows about white people in small towns where everyone knows everyone and all went to high school together.

I love exploring characters who peaked in high school and how they cope with that decades later.

I love the fact that even though the main character is in her 40s, she can still get picked up by a guy in a bar because he realizes he’s no spring chicken himself. I love the fact that even though they’re both in their 40s, they both look kind of good and make a great couple.

I love the fact that the main character can’t stand her mother because judging from the town, her mom’s probably a right-wing wacko who I wouldn’t be able to stand either.

I love the scene where the main character’s little kid is so proud his mom’s a legend in the town “Dey think you a heroooooo!”

And of course, there’s even the obligatory “noble negro” stereotype that offers her salvation at the end of the trailer.

I also love the haunting music.