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In the late 1980s Notisha Massaquoi (who was pretty cute I must say) was the only black student in Rushton’s psychology class at the prestigious University of Western Ontario. In an interview with the fabulous CBC, she states:

When I signed up for the course it was like any other course that I was taking at the school at the time. And what started happening very slowly throughout the course would be small bits of racist ideology being spewed to us. And I equate it to being groomed for the big reveal of his theory, to be honest. So little things like positive stereotypes such as Asian people are extremely bright. But then it started escalating in subsequent classes to things like Black children develop much faster than white babies because they have to be able to become more independent because their families can’t parent appropriately or take care of them. The big day came when Rushton started to reveal what we then come to find out is his theory of racial inferiority and which he proclaimed that we were ranked intellectually with Asian people being more intelligent than whites and Blacks being more or less intelligent than white people.

A student asked at that time, ‘Is this always the case? Can we always guarantee that this will be the case?’ And he then turned to the class and said there is some variation except if you are Black. If you are Black, you are genetically inferior and intellectually inferior to all other races.

WTF? Was Rushton trolling his own students? I know for a fact Rushton believed these putative differences were only on average and that there was genius in every race, so why would he say such a thing?

Maybe he meant that all the black ethnic groups averaged low, while among white and East Asian ethnic groups, there was overlap (e.g. Jews, despite being Caucasoid, are smarter than virtually all Mongoloid ethnic groups), or maybe he was intentionally trying to brainwash his students into feeling superior to even the brightest blacks, or maybe she’s just misremembering what he actually said.

Unless other witnesses from that time period come forward, we may never know.