Commenter Ganzir wrote the following in some emails he sent me:

Have you been interested in taking the original Mega Test? If so, you’re semi-in luck because Bill Bultas’ alliqtests website hosts Brainbreaker, its nearly isomorphic predecessor: 
Verbal section
Non-verbal section
Note that the auto-scoring norms are severely deflated because people can review the answers and retake the test. If you want to better estimate your IQ from this test, you can use the norms here, although Mega norms would probably work too since the tests are so similar.
I scored 19 on the verbal section. To my eternal regret, I rage-quit the non-verbal section partway through and looked at the answers, so now I can’t take it, but I think I would have scored 5-10. That would give me an IQ of 149-154, perfectly in line with my other scores on high-quality tests.
Note: the auto-scoring key answer for verbal item #24 is incomplete, although I can’t specify further without potentially giving away the answer…

…I forgot to mention that those norms have σ=16, so on the σ=15 scale that would be about 146-151, which is slightly more concordant with my other scores.