So there’s a quick online verbal IQ test supposedly by a Harvard student who once commented on this blog.

I decided to take a look just to see what type of computer program was used to create it, and before I knew it the the test was timing me. Well I better take it now I thought, since I’ve already seen a couple questions but I was annoyed to have been caught off guard by the immediate timer.

Once I started reading the questions I thought “Oh easy peasy! Like Oprah doing long division in the fourth grade.”

I was surprised by how well I did because although my childhood verbal IQ was a superior 120, it was much, much lower than my non-verbal IQ (partly because my general knowledge was mediocre). On the other hand, as an adult I scored in the 99.9 percentile on a test of written expression and perhaps this test gets at that specific part of verbal ability since it’s all about choosing the right word to complete the sentence.

The test has only 30 questions to be completed in 15 minutes, and remember, it starts timing you as soon as you start. If you think you are ready, press this link and then share your score in the anonymous poll.