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Black nationalal merit finalist GondwanaMan wanted me to write about Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

While much of America is just discovering this woman for the first time (she was the most googled candidate at the end of June), longtime Oprah fans have known of this woman for decades.

In 1992 she published a book called A Return to Love. Oprah was so inspired by it that she went out and bought 1000 copies, and soon her audience was also buying it in droves, making it a massive bestseller.

In 2001 Williamson appeared on Oprah’s show immediately after 9/11. While the establishment wanted war with Afghanistan, Oprah and Williamson were virtually the only public figures urging restraint.

It was great to see two of the most intelligent and spiritually evolved voices in the subject coming from women.

Had America listened to these two brilliant women, it could have avoided the longest war in the country’s history.

It is interesting to ask what Williamson’s IQ is.

Although her cranial capacity is much smaller than Oprah and Chris Langan ‘s, she was Oprah’s spiritual guru and has a Langian type philosophy, calling the universe self-organizing and self-correcting.

What she lacks in brain size, she may makeup for in high IQ Ashkenazi genes allowing her to punch above her brain weight.

On the other hand, she sounds kind of flaky in the first Democratic debate, talking about how she’s going to defeat Donald Trump with “love”. Rhetoric that works well on a new agey daytime talk show does not always translate to more political forums and Williamson has yet to adapt.