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pumpkinperson rating: 7/10

Tales of the City is a provocative series about a group of gays in San Francisco, one of whom is a genetic superior.

The genetic superior is lesbian but her girlfriend transitioned into a man, causing great confusion in the relationship.

The genetic superior (right) has a far larger cranial capacity than the boyfriend (left) who used to be her girlfriend.

Although the genetic superior wants to be open-minded, woke and supportive of her girlfriend becoming a man, deep down she wishes he was still a she, and so the two break up.

Sensing an opportunity, an older very wealthy bisexual woman gets naked in the Jacuzzi, hoping the genetic superior will take an interest.

She does:

Later that day, the older woman gets a knock on the door of her mansion. When she opens, it’s the genetic superior who grabs her and passionately kisses her.

The older woman is older not just as an individual, but also as a race, since Caucasoid morphology appears in the fossil record earlier than the new and improved skulls known as Mongoloid do.

Aside from the genetic superior, the show has little racial diversity, aside from a somewhat black gay guy who looks like a young Obama.

The black guy is dating an older white man who takes him to dinner with his older white friends. This turns out to be a huge mistake when the black guy tries to lecture his elders that the term “tranny” is politically incorrect.

An older gay is furious that the young black would dare lecture them about political correctness, because they were the generation that fought for the very gay rights he now enjoys, the generation that saw half their friends die of AIDs, so how dare this young kid sit on his politically correct high-horse and try to police their vocabulary.

Humiliated by the backlash, the black storms out of the house and feels betrayed than his older boyfriend did not defend him.