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I’ve long argued that the higher your IQ, the less likely you are to believe in God and it often takes an extra high IQ to reject religion when you were raised in a religious home. The brilliant Robert Sapolsky (who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University) is a great example. Despite being raised Orthodox Jewish, he achieved secularism by his early teens, which evolved into atheism, and eventually utter atheism. My own unpublished research suggests that creationists average about 15 IQ points lower than non-theists. Extrapolating from here, it would be interesting if agnostics (like me) are less intelligent (on average) than atheists who are less intelligent than utter atheists but I don’t know if the relationship is quite that linear.

I’ve also long argued that the higher your IQ, the less racist you are and Sapolsky is also very non-racist. Alt-right commenters like “Philosopher” will think “he’s just pretending to be non-racist to manipulate gullible goyim into race mixing so they’ll be easier for Jews to dominate” but in fact we see that he is anti-racist even when his own ethnic interests are on the line, stating:

We humans are like most other social primates in that we very quickly, very unconsciously, very automatically tend to divide the world into “us” and “them”…I grew up as an Orthodox Jew, which was the religiosity that I broke away from. Now I am part of the way-too-small community of Jews who are anti-Zionist. It’s a little bit horrifying that among American Jews, 99 percent of the time, you’re finding people whose views are very different from my wife’s and mine. We’re not fans of what has been done in Palestine over the last 70 years.

This shows his non-racism is not an act, but a genuine product of high IQ. The fact that the negative correlation between IQ and racism might exist even within the Jewish community suggests the correlation is largely causal, and not merely an artifact of high IQ Westerners being brainwashed by liberal propaganda. Although intelligence is the ability to adapt, being too smart is genetically maladaptive in dominant races because the high IQ are abstract enough to pursue moral interests which typically conflict with the dominant group’s genetic interests.

Sapolsky is an excellent lecturer and I especially enjoyed his talk on behavioral genetics. He thinks classical twin studies where heritability = 2(MZ twins raised together corrrelation – DZ twins raised together) overesitmate heritability because, like many liberals, he thinks MZ twins raised together are not only more genetically similar than DZ twins raised together, but environmentally more similar (so the correlation difference can not be exclusively credited to genes).

He’s also skeptical that the MZ twins raised apart correlation = heritability because even separated twins may have correlated environments.

He alludes to an idea I never considered that would seem to solve both those problems:

Heritability = 2(MZ twins raised apart correlation – DZ twins raised apart correlation).

Has anyone ever calculated this?