Watch on Sunday 9 pm Eastern, Jan 27.

Heritability is a major theme of this blog, so I’ll be watching, and live blogging in this post.

9:05 pm- one of the triplets bobby attends community college, everyone recognizes him as eddy, even though he has no idea who eddy is. so despite being separated at birth, end up at identical schools, suggesting education level is heritable

9:10 pm – discovers eddy is his long lost brother he never knew he had. meets brother and the look identical, suggesting looks are virtually 100% heritable

9:17 pm–third triplet david reads about bobby and eddy reuniting. they look just like him, so he realizes they’re his brother too. the three 19-year-olds meet and immediately hit it off.

9:19 pm__triplets go on Donahue circa 1981. answer questions in unison using same words.

9:26 pm —-bobby’s adoptive family upper class. dad a medical doctor and mom attorney and living in one of the most prestigious area of the country. eddy’s adopted dad a teacher in middle class neighborhood. david’s adoptive parents were blue collar with little store, little education, and immigrants with little english, but jewish?. none of the adoptive parents knew the boys they were adopting had clones.

9:35 pm–separated at 6 months. separation anxiety caused holding breath and banging head on crib. adopted from louise wise services, run by new york’s elite and the top east coast adoption agency for jewish babies.

9:41 pm__agency did not tell adoptive parents because they felt no one would want to adopt triplets so easier to place as singletons. adoptive parents furious, but boys didn’t care. were happy to be reunited and loving their celebrity and the party scene in NYC in the early 80s. Appeared in a madonna movie.

9:48 pm–met their genetic mother. disappointed that she was a drunk. moved on. started a restaurant called triplets to capitalize on their fame.

9:52-in the 90s they find out shocking truth by reading about a secret study! the real reason they were separated was scientific research. psychologists would spy on them and visit their house to give them IQ tests and film them! adoptive parents were told only that they were part of a study of adopted kids, but never told the real reason was it was a heritability study . Austrian holocaust refugee named peter heading study, ordered identical siblings to be separated and then watched and tested. results of study kept top secret.

10:10 pm__peter’s research assistant defends study, saying that in the 1950s and 60s it was consider okay to separate identical siblings. she was shocked to learn how heritable traits are.

10:19 pm __ all three brothers were mentally ill in their teens.

10:29 pm___eddy grows a beard, starts calling old friends he hasn’t spoken to in years at 2 am, and then shoots himself. david and bobby are devastated.

10:34 pm- dr. peter claimed study was funded by private charities and washington. 66 boxes of archives sealed at yale university until 2066. only way to access them is through the extremely powerful jewish board of family and children services. Adopted kids phone the board but are just transferred from one department to another without getting answers.

11:00 pm—as a result of this documentary, a 1000 pages of study released, but all the relevant info was redacted. some participants in the study may still not know they’re twins, that could be why study can’t be published.

11:01-documentary over and repeating.