Commenter Mikey writes:

Pumpkin could you do me a solid and calculate my IQ based on my GED score? (I want Pumpkins opinion)

I dropped out of hi school after graduating from,the 9th grade. And was held back one grade, but it should have been 2 (my father convinced the school to let me pass)

I studied evolutionary psychology , along with other general social sciences nearly eery day for the next 4 years straight

I passed the GED exam. On my 1st try.
I was 19,years old,
My scores were

Language arts/writing. 440. 27th percentile rank
Social,Studies. 660. 95th percentile,rank
Science. 520. 58th percentile rank
Language Arts/reading. 550. 69th percentile. Rank
Mathematics. 480. 42nd percentile
Total score. 2650

Passing score is 2250 passing score in each category is 410

I grew up abused and neglected by family members, paternity uncertainty was a big factor for several years,single parent household I’m male but was raised as a woman had my 1st suicidal thoughts in elementary school,. Had to see the psychologist at the school because I wrote my mom only loved me sometimes, when we had to make a letter to our parents. my father was surprised when I told him I was straight at 13, one of the first girls I dated made me take my shirt off to prove I was a boy, I would occasionally be mistaken for a girl during puberty. Not so much after although I still had a “girls voice” My father came out to me saying he is bisexual when I was 19. Everyone in the family new, “hey son do you want to get your nails painted with me?” He asked me that twice when I was 13 ill never forget it.
My aunt is a lesbian, and my uncle has Autism,
At 16 my mom decided that starving me would change my behavior, it did not, I simply adapted to the caloric deficit. I bought multivitamins and supplements and began experimenting with liquid diets In order to survive.
I have been in handcuffs 5 times but never been booked or charged
I have been homeless more than a dozen times as a teenager.
One night was so cold if I had not stolen some gasoline from a nearby garage and made a bonfire out of a couple flower pots and tree leaves I wouldn’t have survived the night.
I took steroids for a few months at 18, because I knew I naturally didn’t have the moxy it would take to make it out of my situation, I ended up injecting myself with more than 10 times the average amount of testosterone as well as trenbolone and other roids in the hope of a long lasting permanent affect. My voice got permanently deeper, my aggression skyrocketed, I grew pecs permanent arm definition my face got wider and more scoelish and I grew a Windows peak. I essentially went thru a second puberty.
I ended up terrorizing my family into submission while holding down a 9 to 5 and got my crush from high school pregnant, and almost ahem “took care of” her whole family and mine too. The juice helped me turn my life around but desperate times had to call for desperate measures.

Despite these problems I never had any difficulty making friends although I do tend to get into a lot of fist fights thru out life even before the juice
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 14, and I really had it. To my surprise I grew out of all,of the Attention Deficit issues over a period of 6 months from age 20 and 6 months going into age 21 (symptoms vanishing into adult hood is actually the most common scenario according to a few studies I have seen) Now I have one of the longest attention spans any one could have. Also I never was a drug addict which I believe is a huge reason,why I grew out of that disorder. I now have an extraordinarily long, i would even say superhuman attention span because my brain is still hyperactive.
Im just laying out all the info maybe you would need for the most accurate analysis.

Well let’s focus on your GED scores where you averaged 530 on the total battery. According to some data I found, GED takers have a mean battery average of 519.9 with a standard deviation of 77.64.

This means you scored 0.13 standard deviations higher than the average GED taker. Of course the GED is not an official IQ test, but if one were to try to crudely map GED scores to IQ, one would need to know the IQ distribution of those who take the test. Those who take the GED are primarily a mix of those who remain high-school dropouts (IQ 88.77 [U.S. norms]) by failing the GED and those who get their GED and seldom more than than that (IQ 97.28).

The chart below shows the average IQ of various education levels:

WAIS-IV Clinical Use and Interpretation: Scientist-Practitioner Perspectives
edited by Lawrence G. Weiss, Donald H. Saklofske, Diane Coalson, Susan Engi Raiford

So on average, I would guess that people taking the GED average IQ 93 with a slightly restricted standard deviation of 13.5 (typical of people with similar education). Thus, if Mikey scored 0.13 SD above this group, it would equate to an IQ of:

0.13(13.5) + 93 = IQ 95 (U.S. norms) or IQ 92 (U.S. white norms)

Such a score would be higher than 37% of the U.S. population and 30% of the U.S. white population.

An IQ of 92 (white norms) is not low, it’s only 0.53 standard deviation below the white mean. A man who is 0.53 SD below the white mean in sex-adjusted height would be a respectable 5’8.5″.

Of course the GRE is NOT an official IQ test, and given your tumultuous upbringing, it’s quite possible that it dramatically underestimated your ability.

Even Arthur Jensen admitted that black kids raised in extremely deprived environments (i.e. rural Georgia) saw their IQs decline by 15 points. Given the adversity you describe, and given that you have a lot of high IQ interests, your true IQ could be 15 points higher than what your GRE scores equate to, so perhaps 107 (white norms).

On the other hand, if your IQ truly were 92, than a life of adversity is exactly what one would expect you to have, so it’s a chicken and egg problem.