Please post all off-topic comments for the week in this thread.  They will not be posted in the main articles.

Sorry for the delayed open thread (they’re normally posted every Sunday) but I’ve been extremely busy.  If all goes well (keep your fingers crossed) I’ll be leading the opening of a new office, and have been busy hiring local staff, finding an apartment that’s close to work, all while trying to get citizenship or at least a visa.  Nothing like moving to a different location to test your ability to adapt.  It tests social IQ (learning the etiquette of a different culture), verbal IQ (ability to rapidly learn a new language), spatial IQ (ability to find your way around), math IQ (converting currencies).

Can’t wait to test the locals, and I’m creating the first truly culture reduced test of conceptual ability.

And apologies  for not posting about the GRE or sex differences yet since I was too busy to post any main articles last week, but I’ll likely get to it this week (if the username who asked me to post about it is still around)