Even though I believe intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, I’ve long been a UFO skeptic because:

a) we’ve found no evidence of even microbial life on other planets, let alone complex life.

b) Earth is the most life friendly planet we know of, and even here life seems to have occurred only once in 4.5 billion years.

c) If aliens had visited us, it seems unlikely to me that governments would have been able to conceal it anymore than the chiefs of Native American tribes could have concealed the arrival of Europeans from their people.  Why would the aliens take the trouble to come all this way only for their arrival to be kept a secret?

But now the number of reputable people publicly taking UFOs seriously has reached a critical mass, including prestigious members of the U.S. military and reporters for The New York Times: 

People have been reporting UFOs for thousands of years, but the legend really took off after an alien space craft allegedly crash landed in Roswell,  New Mexico in 1947, only to be covered up by the U.S. government.


A popular theory among UFO enthusiasts is that when the United States nuclear bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, it created such an explosion that the aliens took notice and they’ve been keeping an eye on us ever since, kind of like how the U.S. and Israel are worried about the nuclear ambitions of countries like North Korea and Iran.  If so, it’s interesting that recent credible UFO sightings have occurred around the time that Trump and Kim Jong-il have been sparring over who has a bigger nuclear button.

If UFOs really are aliens, in a weird way it kind of validates J.P. Rushton for the following reasons:

a) Intelligent humanoid life on other planets fits nicely with his view that evolution is progressive since it “progressed” in the same direction on other Worlds.

b) It would explain the anomaly in Rushton’s theory of whites being more technologically advanced than East Asians, despite being less evolutionarily advanced, since UFO enthusiasts believe the U.S. stole its most advanced technologies from the crashed aliens.

c) The fact that these highly evolved aliens are believed to look a bit East Asian is consistent with Rushton’s theory that East Asians are the most evolved in human race.