When Dr. Oz first announced he wanted to be a senator from Pennsylvania, many people wondered whether Oprah would support him since it was Oprah who made him famous and created his talk show.

But Oprah created his show so that she could rake in millions a year in syndication after retiring her own show in 2011, not so he could parlay that fame into a political career, and certainly not as a Republican.

For months Oprah stayed quiet, probably because it looked like Oz was destined to lose anyway. However because of a stroke, Oz’s Democratic opponent John Fetterman struggled in the debate while the slick polished Oz recently pulled ahead in the polls.

But then in act of incredible intelligence and moral character, Oprah decided to oppose the very man she created, and side with the stroke victims fighting for working Americans to have a decent living wage.

To quote Barbara Walters “nobody does the right thing all the time, but Oprah does the right thing more often than anyone else.”

Fetterman went on ABC’s The View the next day to celebrate the endorsement.

Meanwhile Michael Moore went on MSBC to explain why Dr. Oz is the wrong man for the job.