7 out of 10

So I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and Halloween Eve is the right time to write about it. The film takes place four years after the events of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021) which were direct sequels to Carpenter’s original Halloween (1978) and took place on the same night. All the other Halloween films have been ignored.

The film begins with the familiar trope of a babysitter and a kid alone on Halloween but in an unusual twist, for the first time the babysitter is a guy. That was my first clue this would be the most unpredictable Halloween film I’ve seen in a while. They are watching John Carpenter’s 1982 remake of The Thing on TV, just like in the original Halloween, babysitters watched the original 1951 version. I wont ruin the movie by telling you what happens next except to warn you that this is not your typical Halloween film and fans who are expecting one are often very disappointed…

The film then jumps ahead to October 2022, and Jamie Lee Curtis is back in familiar role as Laurie Strode except it now appears that the people in the town hate her, especially the black ones. LOL! Because Laurie spent 40 years warning the town that Michael was the boogeyman and would return to kill again, they somehow blame her for his killing spree. One black lady accuses her of “taunting a man with brain damage!”

Speaking of brain damage, I’m so fascinated by Myers’s IQ. In the original sequels he was Laurie Strode’s secret brother but since that brilliant idea has been rebooted out of existence, he loses the genetic IQ boost of having such a smart sister. Thus he is simply a 65-year-old white guy with zero years of schooling (since he was locked up from age 6 to 61, escaping for a couple days at 21).

Census data reports one in a 1000 U.S. whites in this age group have zero education, which means the median education is one in 2000 level. If there were a perfect correlation between IQ and education, he’d be 50 points below the white mean, but since the correlation (controlled for age) is 0.7, his expected IQ is 0.7(50) = 35 points below the white mean, or 65 (white norms) or 68 (U.S. norms).

Educable (mild) Retardation.

If that prediction is true it would be illegal to execute him in 30 states, though not in Illinois where the Halloween films take place. And what test could he have taken? He hasn’t spoken a word in nearly 60 years so verbal tests are out of the question. He’s been catatonic for most of those 60 years so performance tests would be hard to. You could give him the Raven Progressive Matrices but that probably requires too much motivation and understanding of rows and columns which unschooled folks don’t have. The recent culture reduced test I made would be perfect. He need only point to form simple concepts.

Many Halloween fans would strongly disagree with me that he is dumb, citing the fact that he could drive a car without lessons, disappear and kill many, but in my view, these savant like acts of animal cunning do not necessarily prove he had higher thought.

To quote his late Doctor, Sam Loomis:

I met him 15 years ago. I was told there was nothing left: no reason, no conscious, no understanding, in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong…