This is a documentary Lion of the Blogosphere would enjoy. Released in 2015, HBO’s Class Divide tells the story of extreme gentrification in Manhattan’s Upper East side. More specifically, on one side of the street you have housing projects where people live in poverty, and on the other side you have one of the most exclusive private schools in the World, where children of Hedge Fund decamillionaires learn to speak Chinese.

The kids in the housing project are living in an island of low IQ poverty surrounded by the high IQ super rich. Some of the apartment buildings surrounding them are so luxurious they have swimming pools in each individual unit and elevators that lift your car all the way up to your floor!

When the elite private school was built, part of the agreement was that scholarships would be provided for some of the kids in the housing project but as of the documentary’s completion, none were attending. It’s easy to blame the elite school but not everyone has the genetic ability to do calculus. Jensen observed that minorities and lower class kids (like our very own Pill) are every bit as smart as upper class kids when it comes to Level 1 ability (rote learning, school yard interactions) so teachers can’t understand why so many score in the mentally retarded range on IQ tests. Even Jensen himself thought the tests were culturally biased, until he saw these kids try level 2 tasks (abstract reasoning). Only then did their retardation show and it was 100% genetic.

The term “six hour retardate” became wildly popular in the 1970s to describe kids who seemed perfectly normal, except for the 6 hours a day they learned abstract topics in school.

In the documentary there’s a little girl from the housing project who dreams of attending the elite school. Her hero is Beyonce. Sadly she does not get accepted. Kids who admire Beyonce don’t qualify for schools like that:

The stark inequality is bad for the poor kids’ self-esteem but some of the more sensitive rich kids seem even more damaged. The film features a rich boy who went up an elevator with a black woman and her two toddlers. One of the toddlers notes that the boy is going to the 49th floor (where the super rich live) while they’re going to the 14th floor (where poverty lives). The rich boy is so worried that the mother thinks that he thinks he is superior that he is rendered speechless. Sadly, the rich boy kills himself before the documentary is complete for reasons no one understands.

You can watch the full documentary for free here.