Global news reports:

Romana Didulo, a leading Canadian QAnon figure with an alleged history of encouraging her followers to shoot health-care workers, was taken into custody by the RCMP’s national security team in Victoria, B.C.

Didulo, who often refers to herself as the “Queen of Canada,” said in a YouTube video that the RCMP’s integrated national-security enforcement team (INSET) served her with a search warrant and told her she was being detained under B.C.’s mental health act.

A justice of the peace for the Victoria Court Registry confirmed that an RCMP search warrant was issued on Nov. 27 for an address linked to Didulo.

It is interesting to ask what her IQ is. Even though she calls herself the Queen of Canada, in reality she’s only the Queen of the 73,000 QAnon loons who follow her on Telegram. QAnons are people who believe America (and the World) is run by a group of Satanic pedophiles who run a global child trafficking ring. As of 2001, about 16% of American adults leaned QAnon, though only 5% were hardcore QAnon.

According to only 14% of QAnon Americans have a four-year degree, compared to 32.1% for all Americans age 25+. This suggests a 0.73 standard deviation gap in education. Assuming a comparable gap in IQ would imply 11 points, and probably around 15 points for hardcore QAnon. So if the average American has an IQ around 97 (British norms), hardcore QAnon Americans (and perhaps Canadians) likely average around 80.

Could the Queen of Canada possibly score that low? Another controversial Canadian, the late J. Phillipe Rushton argued Mongoloids were smarter than Caucasoids who were smarter than Blacks, and the Queen of Canada appears, Mongoloid, or at least proto-Mongoloid.

The key word is proto. Because her ancestors crossed the land bridge from Siberia to North America about 25,000 years ago, they had a continent of unexploited prey to themselves and didn’t have to compete with other humans for survival. Thus their evolution may have stopped 25,000 years too early, leaving them 25,000 years behind other Mongoloids.

So even though Mongoloids tend to be smarter than us Caucasoids, proto-Mongoloids may be less intelligent than modern Caucasoids.