The Daily Mail reports:

Sen. Joe Manchin is taking heat from all sides as he resists eliminating the last stalwart against the Democratic agenda, the filibuster, including some of the biggest names in America. 

Manchin has told colleagues his phone has been lighting up with calls in recent days, including from former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

But when both men failed to persuade the stubborn senator, the big Kahuna herself decided to pick up the phone and show the former Presidents how it’s done.

While Oprah is knowing for crying on TV and giving away free stuff to audience members, she did not become the World’s ONLY black billionaire (from 2004 to 2006) and the most influential woman alive, without knowing how to play hardball.

From deep within her $100 million Santa-Barbara mansion she likely yelled “get Joe Manchin on the phone”

When his assistant picked up, she was likely informed he was busy.

“It’s Oprah Winfrey,” she likely said.

“Right away, Mam!” the nervous assistant likely replied.

When Manchin raced to the phone she might have said:

“Fix the filibuster, BITCH! Otherwise you gona be known as dat white bitch!”