Halloween V (1989) was the fourth sequel to John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic (not to be confused with Rob Zombies 21st century white trash remakes). I loved this film because it has some of the most intimate scenes between Dr. Loomis (played by the Oscar worthy Donald Pleasence) and Myers. The conversations are one-way of course because Myers doesn’t speak, but that makes them all the more haunting. Interestingly, Loomis makes repeated references to Myers’s rage, in sharp contrast to earlier films where Loomis described him as emotionless. Continuity was never the series’ strong suit.

But the best part comes after they capture Michael. So eerie to see Myers (the literally boogeyman) just sitting in a jail cell like any other common criminal with the police lights illuminating his masked head.

And then out of nowhere, a mysterious man in black enters the police station with a machine gun and blows him the hell out of there.

Who was the mysterious man in black? An obsessive Micheal Myers fan? A Mossad agent?

Nobody knew.

Not even the artsy French guy hired to direct the film knew. He just through it in at the last minute to add some mystery.

It was the first time I’d seen a horror film end with a cliff hanger.

Unfortunately Halloween 6 gave a really convoluted explanation for the Man in Black that ended up ruining the series and leading to reboots. I wish they had just left it to our imagination and ended the original timeline without us ever knowing.