Oprah’s recent interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drew record ratings and made Worldwide front page news for weeks. Cunning and smart, the big brained billionaire knows how to spot an opportunity, and then brilliantly exploit it.

The very British Carole Malone writes:

OPRAH WINFREY is one of the smartest women on the planet. It’s why she’s a billionaire. It’s why when Harry and Meghan invited her to their wedding she went like a shot.

Not because she was overcome with excitement at being a royal wedding guest (although she must have been curious).

And not because of Meghan, who was a two bit actress in a Netflix soap opera at the time. But because, even back then, Oprah, always alert to the main chance, had her beady eye on the Big Interview. She wasn’t Meghan and Harry’s friend back in 2018, having met them just once before the wedding, and I suspect she isn’t now. But everything she’s done to help them, e.g. get their first home in LA, introduce them to all the right people, will have been done with a view to the big prize. And now she’s got it.

Source: What Meghan and Harry are doing is despicable, Oprah interview betrays Queen; Express; March 4, 2021

Love that line “went like a shot” especially when spoken by a British woman. I just picture Oprah’s private jet flying like a speeding bullet to the UK wedding while using her nearly 2000 cc cranium to calculate how to lure the couple into the interview of the century: The way to get it, is to pretend I don’t want it.

Pretty in pink with a custom made hat to fit her super-size cranium

During the interview, the couple made the explosive claim that an unnamed member of the royal family was concerned that they might produce a dark skinned baby. This caused British gossip Pierce Morgan to go absolutely ballistic. Even though Meghan and Harry clarified that the alleged royal racist was NOT the Queen or Prince Phillip, Morgan took this as a personal attack on her majesty.

However Meghan’s co-ethnic struck back, driving Morgan off the set of his own show. It’s unclear whether he quit or was fired, but after thousands of viewers and Meghan herself complained about his behavior, he never returned.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, talk show host Sharon Osbourne defended her friend Morgan against accusations of racism. This led to allegations that Osbourne herself was racist, and after being allegedly ambushed on her own show, she too was removed from TV indefinitely.

Queen Elizabeth released a statement saying she will address Meghan and Harry’s accusations in private. The palace has also opened up an investigation into whether Markel bullied palace staff. Many are asking whether the monarchy can survive this.

Meanwhile the real Queen sits somewhere in her $100 million Santa Barbara mansion, watching all the chaos she unleashed.