With Halloween only 2 days away , I thought I’d post my favorite scene in the entire franchise. It’s from Halloween II (1981) and features a guy bumping into Michael Myers on the street while listening to news coverage about the Myers massacre on his radio.

What I love about this scene is that the whole town obsessing over Myer’s killing spree, he’s all over the news, everyone’s talking about him, police are racing through the streets to find him, and Myers is just casually walking through the heart of downtown and no one notices. Talk about hiding in plain sight.

I also love the look of the mask from behind and how the hair on it has an almost reddish hue in the city street lights. The Myers mask has never looked better than in Halloween II. It’s the same bleached William Shatner mask that they used in the original, but something about the way it fits like a glove on this actor’s head makes it look so beautifully demented and dare I say, autistic.