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Ghislaine Maxwell was arguably the most powerful woman in the World at certain times because she likely set honey traps for the World’s most powerful men and may have used the leverage to shape World events to her genetic advantage. The most powerful man in America (the sitting President) has historically had an IQ ranging from 119 (JFK) to 143 (Richard Nixon) with a mean of about 130. So we might expect the most powerful woman to also have an IQ around 130, and since Ashkenazi Americans average 10 IQ points above their white counterparts, lets bump her up to 140 (though she may be only half Ashkenazi).

She’s probably at least as smart as her lover Jeffrey Epstein. My research suggests self-made decamillionaires average IQs around 118 and self-made billionaires average IQs around 130 (maybe a little less today since they’ve become so common). Epstein was a self-made centimillionaire so his IQ was perhaps 124. Maybe add 10 points since he was also Ashkenazi so perhaps 134. On the other hand, he was an alleged pedophile, and whatever biological error damaged the sexual parts of his brain may have also damaged the intellectual part too, but it couldn’t have damaged it too much since he was teaching calculus at an elite private school while still in his twenties. Below is a terrifying image of the demented young man with a creepy smile:

He also needed high IQ to hang out so much with Bill Clinton (who Phil Donahue called the most verbally skilled man to ever occupy the White House).

Maxwell came from a far higher class background than Epstein. She attended Oxford, her father was a famous Mossad agent and media tycoon and her mother a respected Holocaust scholar. By contrast Epstein’s Brooklyn parents were so prole that a lady on his childhood street couldn’t understand how their genes produced such a bright son. Epstein might be a good example of high IQ causing success independently of both social class and credentials which Epstein lied about to get ahead.

It seems Maxwell needed a pedophile to lure some of the World’s most powerful men into partaking in this behavior with him and as soon as they did, Maxwell had video that she and whatever organization she worked for could use as leverage. Because achieving the highest levels of wealth and power may require both high testosterone and high psychopathy, such men may lack the sexual restraint and morals to respect age of consent laws and people like Maxwell take advantage by setting honey traps. Avoiding these traps is yet another reason why the rich and powerful need high IQ.