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Not written by Pumpkin Person

Horror video games have been scaring players for several decades now, and today that fear factor has moved inside people’s pockets! While that might not be the best place for you to see your fear residing at, but in times when mobile horror games are ruling the roost, everyone is coming on board and is having a gala time playing these games! Furthermore, there is no denying the fact that mobile gaming is on the rise like never before, with more and more people of all age groups becoming proud owners of high-end mobile phones today. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with some of the top-rated horror themed games that you can easily enjoy on your mobile phone today.


Available for both iOS and Android platforms, developed by Jesse Makkonen and priced around $ 4.99, Distraint utilises the concept of side scrolling adventure and fuels plenty of new visual elements into it. The dialogues are concise and the puzzles are kept light, but the story is guaranteed to make you go bonkers. What sets this game apart from others in the same genre is how it creatively uses sound. If played using headphones, you will hear abstract sounds and hissing TV screens, from one ear to the other, as the visuals change based on the aural features. You’ll see insects dancing, walls bleeding and lights flickering, delivering that scary feeling of desolation. The concept in particular is amongst the smartest ones around today.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s

Scott Cawthorn, the developer of this game has ensured that if creepy animatronic animals and jump scares are your piece of cake, this game will freak you out! Priced at a reasonable $ 2.99 and available for both iOS and Android platforms, the characters with their surreal looks make this game a standout in its genre. You get to control cameras like a night watch guard, thereby providing the interactivity element. The aesthetics are quite like that of Child’s Play and SAW, hence are good enough to keep you on your toes! In fact, Scott has claimed that no one has been able to figure out the game’s real story yet! The fear you witness in this game is more because of the suspense element than blood or violence.

Sinister Edge

Developed by Everbyte and offered free of cost, this mobile themed horror game for iOS and Android platforms is a part puzzler and part walking simulator which is clearly inspired from Resident Evil and other urban legends like Slenderman. The game does its trick by creating a very spooky atmosphere. You witness storms rolling around in the sky, over a well-created mansion which screams ‘Don’t Enter’. There is a spectral masked antagonist that will pop up every now and then at random places, ensuring that he scares the wits out of you, as you go about exploring its dark corridors, in search of the keys. It is also one of the best horror themed games that makes excellent use of motion control in the form of puzzles. Resultantly you feel heightening of the tension as you go about frantically twisting and turning your device.