With Halloween only a few days away, I though I’d share this scene from Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Many people hated Zombie’s 2007 remake of the 1978 classic because it turned Michael Myers from a middle class kid to white trash. They also felt Zombie’s dialogue was gratuitously disgusting, however this is how Zombie remembers kids talking when he was growing up.

One of the first things we notice is that young Myers has a low social IQ (or at least low impulse control). Rather than laughing off his bullies’ taunts, he descends into rage, the exact reaction his bullies were hoping for.

More importantly, Myers says “F@*CK YOU” to the school principal. This is where Myers crosses the line from normal bad behavior (getting into fights at school) to pathological, clinical, and diagnostically significant. Even the principal is nonplussed because such behavior is so outside the norm. Clearly Myers is the most deranged kid he has ever seen in say 30 years working in schools. Telling the principal to “F@*CK YOU” is such a violation of social norms that it implies he’s dealing with a psychopath.

Lastly, we see how the correlation between genes and environment increases with age. Because of Myers’s bad behavior, he goes from having a lower class social environment to being locked in a mental hospital room to rot. His genetically low IQ and low impulse control cause him to make rash decisions which quickly drag his environment down to his genetic level.