In the aftermath of HBO’s shocking documentary Leaving Neverland, people are asking whether Jackson was really a child molester.

Jackson has never denied sharing his bed with young children, but has always maintained these were innocent sleepovers.

But in 1993 Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy named Jordy Chandler. This resulted in a police raid of Jackson’s home (Neverland) and a strip search of Jackson’s body. The evidence reportedly found in both convinced me he was a child molester.

Neverland raid August 1993

The first major reason for believing Jackson was a child molester are the items police found in Jackson’s bedroom in 1993.

Most incriminating is the nude photo believed to be Jonathan Spence. According to page 130 of Diane Diamond’s book Be Careful who you Love, Spence was a “small angelic blond boy” who lived with the Jacksons at their Hayvenhurst house in the 1980s. Spence has always denied being sexually abused by Jackson.

Dec 1993: Strip search

On Sept 1, 1993, law enforcement asked Jackson’s 13-year-old accuser Jordy to draw a picture of Jackson’s erect penis and to locate on that drawing any distinctive marks he recalled.

On Dec 20, 1993, police came to Jackson’s Neverland mansion with a search warrant allowing them to photograph his private parts.

According to an affidavit by Santa Barbara district attorney Thomas Sneddon, the boy’s drawing matched the photos taken in the strip search:

From Sneddon’s affidavit

Some might argue that this only proves Jordy saw Jackson naked, not that he was molested, however others argue the spot Jordy drew was only visible when Jackson’s penis was lifted (as in arousal). If that’s true, it’s especially incriminating.

Jackson fans claim Jordy incorrectly identified Jackson as circumcised but they never cite any legal documents proving it. But even if true, an erect penis can look circumcised, especially to a child.

About a month after the strip search, Jackson settled the Jordy Chandler case for approximately $25 million according to CNN. About $42 million adjusted for inflation.

Below is a rare interview with Jackson’s sister Latoya in 1993 (she would later walk-back her comments):