Most elite Americans publicly deny HBD.  Some people think this is because HBD is pseudoscience, and elites are smart enough to realize that.  Other people, like Lion of the Blogosphere, think it’s because even smart people are irrational, and just believe whatever their peers believe.  Others, like  commenter “Mug of Pee” think only the most brainwashed people are selected to become elites (though Mug of Pee agrees with their HBD denial, he thinks elites are brainwashed in other areas).

In my opinion, the truth is much simpler:  elites deny HBD because they are LYING.

In the past I mentioned the below video (go to the 57 minute mark), where Charles Murray claims the fiercest critics of his book The Bell Curve were privately fans, and we the public would be stunned to learn who the fans are (apparently some of the biggest liberals in academia).

This shows there’s a large population of elites who will not only publicly deny HBD despite secretly believing it, but go out of their way to attack HBDers.

Now you might say Murray is an HBDer, why should we believe him when he says “liberal” academics secretly believe in HBD?

But his claim is corroborated by eminent HBD denier Jared Diamond (47:52 mark in below video) who says when he secretly asks members of the elite (a cabinet minister, a high tech leader, many university professors), they shamefully confess to being HBDers.

It’s not just white elites and it’s not just HBD they lie about.  Many were shocked that politically correct establishment darling Joy Reid secretly had some controversial views when it comes to Israel.

So contra Mug of Pee, elites are not selected based on what they actually believe; rather most humans are liars, and high IQ people know which lies will get them ahead (though the super-duper high IQ may refuse to lie because of more developed morals).

The Pope is not necessarily Catholic.