Previously I displayed a table showing sex differences in IQ in a general British sample where the mean and standard deviation (SD) of the sex-combined population was set at 100 and 15 respectively:


If we look at 16-year-olds in table 2, what we see is that with respect to the sex-combined distribution,  males have an IQ Z score of +0.05 with an SD of 1.04, and females have a Z score of -0.05 with an SD of 0.95.

In a previous article I noted that the sex-combined distributions for U.S. whites, blacks and Asians were 100 (SD = 15), 83 (SD = 15.4) and 103 (SD 16.6) respectively (white norms).

If we assume that within each ethnic group, men and women have the same Z scores with respect to the group’s sex-combined distribution, we get the following stats:

Asian American males: 104 (SD 17.3)

Asian American females: 102 (SD 15.8)

White American males: 101 (SD 15.6)

White American females: 99 (SD 14.3)

African American males: 84 (SD 16)

African American females: 82 (SD 14.6)