For years he towered as the Lion of the Blogosphere.  So much so that he named himself the Lion of the Blogosphere.  Despite his prole upbringing in Staten Island, 800 years of selective breeding for high Ashkenazi intelligence in Europe had given him a genius IQ of 145 and the Ivy League degree to go with it.  Thousands of readers flocked to his blog for keen insights and shrewd logic.

But not even 800 years of extreme natural selection could have prepared him for the genius gestating in his own comment section.  He was kind enough to promote my blog, but not even he could have imagined that not only would I match him in audience, but rank twice as high!

Today I rank as the 666,397th most popular web site on the planet.


While Lion ranks as the 1,356,401th most popular


Not since Oprah overtook Donahue in the talk show ratings 32 years ago have we seen such a stunning upset.  In a desperate attempt to stay relevant in a ferociously competitive market, Lion has been reduced to sensational headlines like “I support child sex dolls”

Reminds me of when Donahue donned a dress and interviewed male strippers in a desperate attempt to compete with Oprah.

Nothing worked, because to quote Oprah “the difference between Donahue and me, is ME!”

The difference between Lion and me, is ME!