The Jewish community should give Trump an award for being the most pro-Jewish president of all time.  He took military action against Israel’s enemy Syria, and further infuriated the Muslim world by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and ripping up the Iran nuclear deal.

And if all that wasn’t pro-Jewish enough, Trump apparently raised his children to marry Jews and so all eight of the grandkids who will inherit Trump’s multibillion dollar empire are either half or a quarter Jewish.

Of course Trump is not the first rich person to give his money to a different ethnic group. Bill Gates has spent billions helping Africans and Angelina Jolie and Madonna have adopted Africans.  Such liberal behavior is a sign of high IQ, perhaps because it’s morally intelligent when rich races help poor races and reduce inequality, even though it’s dumb from purely tribal perspective.

But it’s very rare for someone to give all their money to an ethnic group that’s richer than their own and thus increase inequality at their own group’s expense.  This seems unintelligent both from a moral and ethnocentric perspective, and thus is likely a sign of low IQ.  Not since Michael Jackson left his fortune to his three Caucasian looking kids have we seen such an extreme act of slavish conservatism.


Michael Jackson claimed to be genetically related to his kids, but skeptics say “no way”

Trump is to the Jewish community as Michael Jackson was to whites.  How long before Trump gets plastic surgery to look more Jewish? 🙂


Michael Jackson before and after his transformation