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I once saw a clip from a very old episode of the soap opera The Young and the Restless, that was so powerful, I never forgot it.

A greedy landlord planned to bulldoze some low income apartments to make room for more expensive ones.  As a result, a bunch of poor senior citizens were being forced to move out.

One of them came to his office.

“You think you got it all figured out,” she said to him.  “Well one of these days, someone smarter than you are is gona come along and give you a taste of your own medicine, and skin you right down to the bone!  Then you’ll be poor like the rest of us.  Only, you’ll be all alone.  At least we have each other!”

The rich landlord looked slightly frightened by the old lady’s prophecy.

“Because if there’s two things you learn growing old,” she said as she walked out of his office, “one is nobody ever has anything all figured out, and the other is…”

She grabbed the cardboard cut-out of the fancy buildings he was planning to build and weakly broke it in half over her knee.

“nothing lasts forever”