The only Canadian to make my authoritative list of the 100 most influential living people EVER is David Frum.  His intellectual impact on the Bush administration, including coining the term “axis of evil”, landed him the 71st spot on the Living 100.

While I’m thrilled that a Canadian made the list,  I would have much preferred it be the great Jean Chrétien or Celine Dion than the neocon Frum.  Frum’s politics are especially heartbreaking because we Canadians so worship his late mother, liberal icon Barabra Frum.


The great Barbara Frum: 1937 -1992

I remember in the early 2000s seeing David spouting his neocon views on TV, as my grandparents would moan “poor Barabara must be turning in her grave.”

Yet as much as I disagree with David’s politics, the neocons are brilliant and exude a level of sophistication that other conservatives can’t match, and it’s because outside foreign policy, they’re basically liberal intellectuals, and Frum’s Canadian roots give him an added layer of polish.

He’s especially critical of Trump for the damage he feels he’s doing to democratic institutions: