[Update Feb 6, 2017: I just did an internet search of others who had posted on similar topics to this in the past and iconic blogger Steve Sailer deserves enormous credit for many of the ideas in this post]

There are at least four major types of masculinity.  Two of them mental and two of them physical.

1. Cognitive masculinity

This is characterized by having a spatial IQ > verbal IQ, and a math IQ > Theory of Mind IQ.  If you have extreme cognitive masculinity you become autistic.  One of the great mysteries is why some autistics are billionaire computer Geniuses and Nobel prize winners and so many others are severely mentally retarded.  Perhaps it’s because if your verbal IQ is too much lower than your spatial IQ, then you can’t learn language and if you can’t learn language, you can’t function at all in human society, but a little autism appears to be a good thing.

By contrast if you have very little cognitive masculinity, you will rely on intuition instead of logic which is good up to a point, but if you travel too far down that road you become a delusional schizophrenic.

2. Emotional masculinity

This is where I’m lacking.  People are always complaining that I am too nice and too moral for my own good and at work I have so much trouble firing people because like a woman, I worry so much about what will happen to them and have way too much compassion for others, including animals and even plants (which makes no sense since plants can’t feel pain).  Ideally a leader needs to be tough and devious and not let people take advantage of him, but you don’t want to be too emotionally masculine because you’ll be a psychopath.

One reason women like “bad boys” is because they’re emotionally masculine.  I was watching a documentary about my favorite horror franchise Halloween, and while most of the hard-core fans were guys, a few were blond blue eyed very sexual women who were such huge fans of the series that they flashed their breasts to the camera asking “see anything you like?” (a reference to a nude scene in the original Halloween).  When asked why they loved the films’ iconic serial killer Michael Myers so much, one woman gushed “there’s something so masculine about him.”

Nobody cared about actor Michael C. Hall when he played David in Six Feet Under but once he played Dexter the serial killer, he suddenly became a sex symbol, even though the former was a much better show.

3. Vertical masculinity

This is simply how tall you are.

4. Horizontal masculinity

This is simply how muscular and robust you are

Masculinity and evolution

As humans evolved from the apes, we became less masculine emotionally and horizontally, but more masculine vertically.  This is probably because it’s a more efficient design because being tall and thin consumes fewer calories than being short and robust yet gives you more speed and reach, though less strength.

Masculinity and social class

There are also social class differences in masculinity with the upper class being more vertically masculine and the lower classes being more horizontally masculine.  This may help explain the negative correlation between IQ and weight/height ratio.

I noticed this when I went to the gym with an extremely wealthy co-worker.  While most guys there were trying to lift the heaviest weights possible, he would only lift pathetically light weights with lots of repetition because he felt that at a height of 5’8″, he would look disproportionate if he gained muscle.

While the lower classes believe the more muscle the better for all men, the upper classes only approve of muscle on men of a certain height and perhaps only up to a point.  Some in the upper class consider it worse to be short and muscular than it is to be short and scrawny or even short morbidly fat.  I find this very weird but perhaps it’s because the upper class having higher IQs, have a greater sensitivity to abstract concepts like irony or perhaps it’s just class genetic interests discriminating against physiques that reflect blue collar gene pools.