I saw some fascinating research in the book Anthropometrica: A Textbook of Body Measurement for Sports and Health Courses showing that heavyweight boxing champions tend to be two standard deviations taller than the average American man of his era.


This is fascinating because I have long estimated that U.S. presidents are about two standard deviations smarter than Americans of their era (IQ 130).

What this suggests is that physical power is to height, as REAL power is to IQ.

The World heavyweight champion is the most physically powerful man in the sense that he can destroy virtually anyone physically in the unlikely event it ever came down to one on one unarmed physical combat, but the president is the most powerful man in a real sense, in that he can destroy virtually anyone politically, economically, or militarily in scenarios that are likely to actually occur.

Of course not all heavyweight boxing champions have been tall, just as not all U.S. presidents, have been smart.  And some heavyweight boxing champions have been absolute giants, just as some U.S. presidents have had IQs above 150 (Jefferson?).

But on average, World heavyweight boxing champions are just as selected for height as U.S. presidents are selected for IQ: + 2 SD, which equals about 6’3″ on the U.S. height scale, and 130 on the U.S. IQ scale.

This suggests that the correlation between height and physical power, is similar to the correlation between IQ and real power: About 0.4