Nobody understands Trump voters better than Michael Moore.  As I’ve noted before, his speech explaining Trump’s appeal was the best political speech of this entire political season.  Nothing else even came close:

Devastated by the victory of Donald Trump, Michael Moore has been despondent since  Nov 9th, and has been roaming the streets of New York city aimlessly.  He saw a bunch of people protesting Trump and decided to join them.  Like all socially insightful people, Moore is probably at risk for psychosis, and the thought of a Trump’s Presidency was slipping him into almost suicidal depression.

And then Oprah, speaking on Entertainment Tonight, gave him a moment of hope:


Moore has wanted Oprah to run for President for over a decade, because she was one of the only major U.S. media to jump off the pro-Iraq war bandwagon months before the war began, and courageously showed an incredibly subversive anti-war montage Moore had created, just 48 hours before the invasion:

Less well known is that Oprah and her spiritual guru Marianne Williamson even had the wisdom to oppose the war in Afghanistan, which was also a disaster for America.  Very few Americans had the self-awareness to look critically at American foreign policy at this time:

Moore’s love for Oprah is also an example of Rushton’s genetic similarity theory.  Both Moore and Oprah struggle with their weight, so by advancing Oprah, Moore’s obesity genes are behaving selfishly, as Richard Dawkins might say.

Similarly the skinny Jared Kushner getting the overweight Chris Christie (who put Jared’s father in jail) fired from Trump’s inner circle is an example of the dark side of selfish genes.