I used to think Megyn Kelly had an IQ equivalent of around 133 (white norms), because I thought she claimed to have scored at the 95 percentile on the LSAT, but upon listening carefully to her interview with Howard Stern, she actually claims to have scored scored at “only” the 85th percentile and on the SAT, not the LSAT (see 8:45 mark in below video)

That’s still a very good score, though not quite good enough to qualify as Extremely Bright.  About one in seven SAT takers scored as high or higher than Megyn, but since only one third of U.S. teens took the SAT, and virtually 100% of the top talent did (and whatever shortfall, was negated by bright foreign test takers, Ron Hoeflin argued), the rarity of Megyn’s score triples when compared to all Americans of her cohort (not just the college bound third).

Thus being in the top 15% of SAT takers might have been crudely equivalent to being in the top 5% of her entire U.S. cohort, and thus equivalent to IQ 125 (U.S. norms; 124 U.S. white norms).  I suspect Megyn’s IQ is typical of U.S. media elites, though Megyn is more successful than most because in addition to being smarter than 95% of her generation, she’s better looking than perhaps 99%.  That’s a powerful combination.

Meanwhile Howard Stern is perhaps the biggest ass-kisser in the history of media.  Although he prides himself in being a media bad boy and rebel, he’s actually a boot-licker in the extreme, and a vulgar and crude one to boot.  He can’t stop gushing about how smart and good looking Megyn is, and how hot Stern’s wife thinks Megyn is.  He also gushes over the good looks of male stars too, and it’s embarrassing, and while this comes across as the authentic hero worship, it’s also a calculated attempt to get powerful celebrities to befriend him. I suspect Stern’s Theory of Mind IQ is a lot higher than his overall IQ though his use of it is shameless.

Although I do have some grudging respect for his black co-host Robin Quivers.  While she obviously has some talent and the two of them have genuine chemistry, let’s be honest: she’s also largely a token he uses to avoid looking racist and sexist when he rips on blacks and women.  And she shrewdly sucks up to him to keep the money rolling in, but deep down you can tell she doesn’t respect him and is forcing herself to laugh at his jokes.

One of the funniest moments in media history was when former daytime talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael invited Robin on her show, and went Robin appeared on TV, the Sally’s show placed the caption “I hate my race” under Robin’s image. What evidence did they have that Robin hates her race?  The mere fact that she works for Howard. LOL.  When Stern heard about this he went ballistic: