Even though I’m a hardcore atheist, I like religious fundamentalists, regardless of whether they are Christain, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc, etc. Combining a few of my own ideas with what I’ve overheard over the years, from various scientists talking on television, religion perhaps evolved for the following reasons:

1) THEORY OF MIND: If some wind comes along and blows your home away, you could either think it’s a random, or that it was intentional. You’re better off thinking it was intentional, because people who are paranoid about others being out to get them are more likely to survive. However this tendency to think events were intentionally caused leads naturally to the idea of a God, because what is God if not an intentional mind causing the events of the universe to occur on purpose.

2) HOPE Unless we believe that there is meaning to our lives and that he will continue on in the afterlife, we would be at risk of becoming too depressed to carry on. Thus, evolution favored genes for religiosity.

3) ETHNIC SOLIDARITY Religion is the glue that holds a people together and causes them to intermarry one another. It condemns feminism because feminism decreases the fertility of the group’s women. It condemns homosexuality because this decreases the fertility of the group’s men. It condemns other religions because this prevents out-breeding. It condemns adultery and disobedience of our parents because such behaviors disintegrate the family. Because people who share the same religion tend to breed with one another, over the centuries they largely become their own gene pool, ethnicity, or micro-race.

One reason liberals hate religion is they don’t want to see certain gene pools preserved. Religious and socially conservative people are labeled “proles”, a made-up word that stigmatizes certain people who behave in ways that benefit certain gene pools. Oblivious to the propaganda and the purpose that it serves, many people abandon their religious socially conservative cultural roots to be accepted by the Ivy League elites.