Packing an estimated cranial capacity of 1874 cc, Oprah’s been using her brains to figure out how to look great.

After years of social distancing at her eight and nine figure mansions in Hawaii and Santa Barbara, this weekend the World’s biggest brain woman AND its biggest brained black flew her private jet to my neck of the Woods to promote her new documentary honoring the late great Sydney Poitier (I’m kicking myself for not being there!). I’ve been scrambling to find out more about the event but all anybody can talk about is how great Oprah looked.

She was there to promote her new documentary about Sidney Poitier.

My favorite part of the below preview is when Oprah breaks down sobbing about her hero “I love him so much!”

She feels about Sidney the way millions feel about Oprah.

Not only is Oprah a huge fan of Sidney’s but so is the character she played in Lee Daniel’s The Butler. In this Oscar worthy scene, a young man who calls Sidney an Uncle Tom finds himself slapped in the face by his mother, played by Oprah.