Pumpkin Person rating: 8 out of 10

Homeless (2016) Directed by Clay Riley Hassler

I watched this movie last night on tubi and was utterly blown away. It was so brilliantly simple, realistic and depressing in its portrayal of the dark side of teenaged life that I would compare it to the 2020 masterpiece Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always.

The film is about a homeless teenaged white boy named Josh (spelled Gosh). The film starts with the haunting image of Gosh just looking at a lantern in the blowing wind of a cold urban street. For this is the life of the homeless; you having nothing to do all night but fixate on random objects and appreciate their beauty until you fall asleep or you mind turns to mush; whichever happens first.

Gosh looks like the kind of guy who have might been one of the cool kids if he were in high school, but having sunk to a level of poverty so extreme, he is now the lowest of the low. Despite being a young white man in America, he is looked upon like a crippled old black skinned untouchable in India.

He enters a store and asks the clerk if she got his job application.

“we’re not hiring right now,” she tells him nervously and then looks at her coworker with horrified relief as he finally leaves.

He smells like shit, we overhear them whisper behind his back.

But then as Christmas approaches, the kindness of a single lady in a mall food court leads to Gosh getting a job, a place to stay and maybe even a cute girlfriend.

Can he finally turn his life around?

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