“Parsing Bill” by Petrina Ryan-KleidPetrina Ryan-Kleid

As discussed here many times, some psychologists speculate that autism is extreme male brain and that schizophrenia is extreme female brain. If this theory is correct, we’d expect the least autistic, and thus most socially intelligent men to be in touch with their feminine side, and it’s hard to think of a more socially intelligent man than Bill Clinton.

Although Clinton was arguably the smartest President of the 20th century, he is unarguably the most socially gifted President of any century. I remember seeing him on Donahue around age ten and predicting he’d be the next President because I had never before seen a talk show host as brilliant as Donahue be so dominated by their own guest. Donahue was blown off the stage and relegated to the back of the studio while Bill took over the show fielding questions from the studio audience.

It may be hard for young readers to relate to this because the Bill we see today is a shadow of his former self. Cognitive decline seems to be more acute in those from lower class backgrounds like Clinton

But in the late 1990s Chris Mathews and other pundits would gush every night about how Bill Clinton was the greatest political genius anyone had ever seen.

But one night Mathews said something especially interesting. Unlike most men, Clinton had no male heroes. He didn’t look up to war heroes and other great men of history like other Presidents did. It seemed Bill’s only heroes were women (something I can relate to). Hillary in particular who he would constantly praise for her incredible intelligence even though his own IQ was arguably much higher.

The reason Bill identifies so much with women is also the reason he’s so politically gifted: extreme female brain. The opposite of autism. Indeed so female is Clinton’s brain that when he ended his Presidency, he was in talks with major networks about hosting his own afternoon lady’s talk show, though talks broke down when the free market failed to offer him Oprah money. The New York Times wrote:

There is a delicious symmetry in Clinton’s exploring the idea of a daytime syndicated talk show: the man who brought Oprah-style psychobabble and misty confessions to politics taking the next step and actually transmogrifying into Oprah.

Being the opposite of autistic also made Clinton a big hit with the ladies, despite his mediocre looks. He had game and could charm any woman into the bedroom.

Although many men with extreme female brains are either too schizophrenic to get women, or become gay and thus don’t want them, there were probably many like Clinton who were just feminine enough to have brilliant social skills and intuition, which historically allowed them to breed prolifically. This explains why gays have not self-selected themselves out of the gene pool, despite not reproducing. They are a spandrel for the socially brilliant lady’s men like Bill Clinton.