Born with what some have called an amazing photographic memory, Oprah delivered her first sermon at the age of 3.

Jesus rose on Easter Day!

Halleluiah, halleluiah!

All the angels did proclaim!

Oprah’s grandma loved the attention of having such a brilliant granddaughter.

Miss Hattie May, I do declare that chile sure can talk, that chile gifted, that chile gona talk her way clear out of Mississippi.

Packing a cranial capacity 50% larger than even most white womens’, Oprah had the brains to adapt.

With hats custom made to fit her XXXXXX large cranium. “Will it fit my big ol’ head?” she would ask before putting it on. “Put it on before I have to pee” she would say to wild laughter. It takes TONS of intelligence to charm people, and all that peeing talk made Oprah seem as country as corn bread observed one biographer.

Not only did she become one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet by the age of 50, but she became a religion, creating all these metaphysical laws that her millions of worshippers followed.

  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • There’s no such thing as luck.
  • Nothing is ever out of order.,
  • The purpose of your life is to align your personality with your purpose.
  • What you focus on expands

Here she is explaining her laws of the universe and doing so at a skill level that the founders of the great religions could only dream of.

One viewer writes:

Oprah raised me. I’m not kidding. She was the person I listened to, went to for advice and she taught me what my parents couldn’t. And i am forever grateful! I miss her show so much!

She brilliantly crafted a persona that was a perfect mix of your fun ditzy materialistic celebrity obsessed best friend and all-knowing, all-wise religious prophet.

And boy does she know how to profit!

Soon that big ol’ head was matched by a big ol’ house:

And several others