For most of the movie camp owner Steve Christie has been out on the town drinking coffee. Little does he know that while he was gone, several of the camp councilors he hired had been brutally murdered and that he’s about to meet the same fate. When the rain stops, he runs back to the camp in pitch blackness, only to be confronted by someone shining a bright white light in his face.

“Oh hi,” he says, recognizing the person. “What are you doing out in this mess?” (referring to the storm that juste ended)

The killer stabs him in the stomach with a machete as if to say “I’m killing you, that’s what I’m doing out in this mess”

Meanwhile the only survivors are Bill and Alice. Alice is getting scared because they can’t find any of the other counselors and even found a blood soaked axe in someone’s bed, but Bill convinces her that everything is probably fine.

Still, they try to leave the camp but the vehicle wont start. They try to phone for help but the phone line has been cut. Finally the power goes out and Alice gets some rest as Bill heads to the emergency generator to fix it.

Alice wakes up and decides to make some instant coffee and then goes looking for Bill.

To her utter horror, she finds his corpse pinned to a wall, with an arrows stabbing him in the eye, stomach and private parts.

It is interesting that a film about white people doing stereotypical white things (camping) would have a white killer killing with a bow and arrow (the white man’s first display of dominance over other races). There is an argument that the bow and arrow was invented in Africa long before modern humans split into other races but I don’t buy it and one of the reasons I don’t buy it is that if the bow and arrow was created by such an early ancestor, they’re descendants in Australia would have had it and their descendants in Native America would have had it sooner.

After discovering Bill’s corpse, a terrified Alice runs screaming back to the main cabin, realizing she is now all alone in the big dark camp in the middle of nowhere, with no one to protect her.