In my last article I discussed how crazy Ralph tried to warn Annie not to go to camp blood. She ignored his warning and was immediately killed.

Now a police officer is visiting “Camp Blood” to see if Ralph has been harassing them too. The police sees camp councilor Ned Rubenstein goofing off by pretending to be a Native American and he’s having none of it. This scene is wildly politically incorrect by today’s standards and the film gets no woke point for featuring a Jewish character in the main cast in 1980 because Jews were by then already doing well (though not nearly as well as today). One of the tropes of 80s slasher films is the practical joker and that trope appears to have started with Ned.

One of the counselors is played by Kevin Bacon who gives a lame line about not smoking because it causes cancer. The councilors inform the cop they have not seen Crazy Ralph and he leaves them alone.

One of these practical jokes is pretending to drown so that a hot girl will give him mouth to mouth. Through POV shots we see the killer is watching from within the forest and is not amused. Actor Kevin Bacon would admit to Howard Stern that he put something in his speedo to appear more endowed in this scene.

A little later, counselor Alice discovers Ralph hiding in the pantry.