David Sinclair seems like a really credible source on slowing down the ageing process because (a) he’s a Harvard professor and Harvard has their pick of the litter, and (b) he looks incredibly young for a 52-year-old. Of course some of his youthful appearance might just be genetics since high IQ people tend to be very skinny and neotenous.

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One of the reason I like him is he believes in eating only one meal a day which I love because I’d much rather have a big meal while I’m binging on netflix on the couch then have a dozen small snacks that I can’t enjoy because I need to be back at work 10 minutes later. He’s also a huge fan of fasting which I love because it allows you to compensate for overindulging on the weekend which I need to do. He also hates exercise just like me.

He also drinks diet coke! My dad’s always sending me emails about the hazards of diet soda, but I love diet coke because it gets me through my fasting days. I can’t drive a car for any length of time without getting my diet coke fix from the McDonald’s drive through (the best diet coke on Earth, so refreshing with all the ice) but sadly I have to bring my own straw now because they’ve got environmentally friendly with the paper straws.

He also believes plants are healthier than meat. This is reminiscent of Rushton’s r/K theory in that meat build muscles and energy which helps you attract women and leave lots of offspring (r strategy) but plant allows you to live a long life. That’s fine too because I’m loving me Harvey’s veggie burgers and Burger King’s plant based whopper, and I’ve even taken to plant based omelets that you just put in the toaster. This was my breakfast several weeks ago:

Below is a clip from an interview with David Sinclair: