I was watching youtuber Tim Pool host leading members of new conservative media at his trailer (that’s not a joke, it really was his trailer, though maybe it’s an ironic trailer since he must have money).

As traditional media collapses, opinion makers are increasingly emerging in youtube and podcasts, with Joe Rogan and Tim Pool being two of the most successful examples. (Ok, Rogan’s not really a conservative but liberals don’t like him)

It was interesting to see so many of them in one room since they’re each used to monopolizing their own shows. Of course everyone has to kiss Joe Rogan’s ass since he’s the king of this new genre so they all want to be invited on his show. Alex Jones was the biggest Rogan ass kisser.

It was fun seeing the big husky robust Jones get verbally kicked around by the thin and short Ashkenazi Michael Malice. A good example of the negative correlation between IQ and weight/height ratio. It was also nice knowing that Pool, despite being a Trump supporter, is smart and unbiased enough to know Biden won the election.

But their thought process is so strange. On the one hand they keep complaining about the corporate media (who Malice calls the enemy of the people-did we learn nothing from the Holocaust?) but then say covid lockdowns are all part of this communist conspiracy to reduce income inequality by driving everyone into poverty. ThAtTH MAKkeS SEnTH. Nothing corporate elites want more than communism. Oh well, I guess we should be grateful they don’t believe in QAnon like their boomer counterparts.

You can watch the full episode below if you have two and a half hours to kill: