Another white suburban guy who is angry that Rob Zombie turned their beloved Michael Myers into white trash in his 2007 remake of John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece Halloween (see video below). I say “get over it”. It’s not as though the franchise was not already tainted by many of the crappy sequels. I do not consider Rob Zombie (or his wife Sherri Moon Zombie) to be white trash because his white trashiness is more of an artistic choice. They are sometimes unwelcome in the rich neighborhoods they can now afford because those people probably don’t get him.

Class expert Paul Fussell (who LOTB blogged a lot about) would probably realize Zombie was not a true prole, but rather someone who transcends class. From wikipedia:

In the final chapter, The X Way Out, Fussell identifies “category X” people who exist outside of the US class structure. Fussell argues that it is essentially impossible to change one’s social class —up or down— but it is possible to extricate oneself from the class system by existing outside the system as a X person. (In the US, Middles and proles are conditioned to believe in meritocracy, despite class mobility being among the lowest in industrialized economies.)[5] He states that X people do self-directed work without a boss or supervisor; they are writers, artists, musicians and others “creative” types. X people dress comfortably, wearing L. L. BeanLands’ End, and thrift store purchases. They drink good wine without commenting on it, speak multiple languages, and generally disregard social norms because they have no interest in class status and disdain the Middles who are so concerned with it. Fussell names the Mark Twain character Huckleberry Finn as an archetypal Category X person.