I didn’t think I’d like this show but by the second episode, I found myself utterly addicted. It’s one of the best TV shows I have ever seen.

The HBO series is set at a Hawaii hotel called The White Lotus and focuses on several of the guests and a couple key staff members. There’s the prissy gay Hotel manager who smiles to everyone’s face but badmouths them behind their backs, the spoiled yuppie who can’t understand why is new bride would want an identity of her own, the woke university student who brings a minority friend on the family vacation to prove she’s morally superior to her parents, and the lonely ageing rich lady who can’t enjoy her wealth because she’s constantly whining about her childhood.

If American Beauty exposed the façade of the perfect American family, then White Lotus shows us the dark side of the perfect American vacation.

The show reminded me of the most luxurious vacations I have ever taken: When you first see everyone they seem so perfect, but as you get to know them, the dysfunction is legion. It made me nostalgic for the last time I’d been to Hawaii; the delicious outdoor dinners overlooking the sun setting into the ocean as the wind blew in my hair; the smell of tiki torches everywhere.

You’ll fall in love with the characters and the humour is up to the minute. In one scene the lonely rich lady agrees to meet with a strange man because she thinks, what a wonderful person he must be to work for “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Much to her chagrin she discovers that the BLM he works for is actually BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT.

In one scene, a woman worries that her son is actually at a disadvantage these days being a white heterosexual male (“no one seems to care about them”) only to be scolded by her woke daughter for saying something so cringeworthy. When the woman tries to defend herself, the daughter cuts her off again “MOM CRINGE!”.

In another scene, the mother scolds her woke daughter and minority friend for badmouthing Hillary Clinton, disgusted that the woke generation’s girls could turn on such a feminist icon. The scene is ironic because the woke daughter looks like a young Hillary:

woke university student with her minority friend
Young Hillary Clinton

If you get HBO-on demand, I would definitely watch this series from the start.