The Dark Hours (2005) is the best Canadian horror film of all time in my opinion. Although the film was a commercial flop (reportedly grossed only $423 USD) and has a mediocre rating on IMDB, it is one of the most atmospheric, interesting, well-acted, and well-cast films I have ever seen. How sad to see such great art playing for free on youtube but you might as well watch before they take it down.

The film revolves around Samantha, a doctor at some sort of hospital for the criminally insane who discovers she has a brain tumor and decides to spend a relaxing weekend at her Winter cottage with her underemployed husband and younger sister. But things get weird when a diminutive Ashkenazi stranger (who reminds me of commenter Pill) is invited in to warm up by the fire.

I suggest hooking your computer to a television so you can enjoy this on a big screen. While some viewers might find this film a little too slow-paced, ambiguous and anti-climatic, the dream-like quality and distinctly Canadian vibe makes it an enjoyable experience.