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While other HBD bloggers have likely made thousands of dollars off donations, I’m proud of the fact that I earned every penny of my measly 1 thousand through advertising.

But now I want to become HBD’s first self-made multi-thousandaire so let the bidding wars begin.

Who ever is willing to pay me the most money on Paypal gets to decide the topic of one of my articles next week (as long as it’s related to psycometrics/HBD). If you would like to bid, simply place your bid in the comment section. I will then ask you to provide an email which I will not publish but will use to email you an invoice if you become the highest bidder. To become the highest bidder, we must go 24 hours without anyone bidding higher.

If you don’t have a paypal account I strongly advise you to get one because it allows you to buy and sell stuff while maintaining anonymity (if you desire that). Even if you have no desire to ever pay me a penny, you can use the account to start your own online business!