Earlier today President Trump said:

Oprah used to be a friend of mine…I was on her last show, her last week…I don’t think she thinks that way anymore…Once I ran for president, I didn’t noticed there weren’t too many calls coming from Oprah…Believe it or not, she used to like me.

President Trump has been repeatedly called out by CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale for falsely claiming to have been on the last episode of the highest rated talk show of all time, but Oprah did have him and his whole family on during her final season. The fact that Trump feels the need to embellish this honor shows the unparalleled status Oprah has in the culture. Despite being a billionaire, a U.S. President, and a TV star in his own right, Trump still feels the need to constantly brag about being on Oprah. It’s the ultimate validation.

Of course Trump couldn’t have been Oprah’s final guest, because in the end it was decided that only guest worthy of Oprah’s final show was Oprah herself, and so she spent that final hour in May 2011 standing alone on stage. When Oprah walked off the stage to thunderous applause from the studio audience, she was greeted backstage by all of her hundreds of employees (from lawyers to janitors) applauding her final walk down the hall of Harpo studios to the backdrop of a song Paul Simon composed exclusively for her: