[The following is a guest article and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pumpkin Person]

Relaxation is required to solve problems. If you can’t relax well doing something that is where anxiety comes in. Something becomes contorted. It is the result of problem-solving becoming difficult. Too many variables emerge and attention cannot find solutions. There is no way out. That is anxiety simplified. If a person is relaxed will be able to find solutions at a normal pace. In the Flow state problems appear as fast as the person can solve them and at the level of being solvable by the person.

Flow, in fact, is a savant characteristic. Entering flow creates increased creativity and is domain transferable. The faster the brain makes connections the more is generated. So as I did once I started creating anything that popped into my mind. I did this for an entire week. At its peak, I was doing highly complex starship schematics and chemistry psychology.

I did this with alchemy as well. A system of symbolic induce enlightenment. Flow must be built up over time. I had been doing a lot of work prior to the week t peaked. I listened to music. I read signs in events to create synchronicities. I let it all carry me away. Remember that Flow is doing everything with no resistance. You are programming the mind to automatically be creative. That means putting things together in one’s head.

The faster one can create, the less resistance to creating things one achieves. And the more complex the creations become. Even in abstract ways not measured by IQ tests. What brought me down from the Flow state was that I became paranoid and overly stressed by life events. Anxiety contorted my brain and I lost my ability to instantly create on impulse. Now it takes effort. The best part of Flow is effortlessness when thinking.

Effortless thinking is a good way to detect intelligence. If a problem is hard for 99% of the population but easy for 1% then it takes more mental effort than can be mustered by most. But that percent that does so with no effort required instantly can solve it. The brain must be organized to take in the information deconstruct it and rearrange the variables to make a solution in as little time as possible.

The brain is pointing to itself and changes how it points to itself based on what is experienced in the world. The brain is checking to see what works or not. Checking what goes together or not. The effortlessness of people’s things comes from the brain’s capacity to see what goes together in a networked representation in the head.

Flow is a synergy between having the internal and external components work together. This way what goes together enhances perception and more can go together than normal. Intelligence is a map of reality and how to survive.