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Hey PP, random question, whereabouts would you predict the IQ of Ken Jennings (Jeopardy G.O.A.T.) to be. Here’s a clip that blew me away:

James Holzhauer (2nd best) claimed he tested in at 158. Both James and Ken seem to have incredible memories for facts, but aren’t necessarily creative geniuses. It’s an interesting sort of intelligence, which I’d like to get your take on.

Virtually all of the questions of Jeopardy! resemble tests of General Information which been a staple of IQ tests since WWI. So Jennings being arguably the best Jeopardy! player out of all 245 million U.S. adults is like scoring +5.73 standard deviations on an Information test. Given that in Jennings’s age group, the Information subtest on the WAIS-IV IQ test correlates 0.69 with full-scale IQ (after correcting for the fact that said subtest is used to calculate said IQ), we’d expect Jennings’s full-scale IQ to be 0.69(+5.73 SD) = +3.95 SD or IQ 159 (U.S. norms); 95% confidence interval: 137 to 181.

Speaking of Jeopardy!, the show’s long-time Canadian host Alex Trebek passed away several days ago. He will be missed by millions. Here’s rare footage of him talking to Oprah way back in 1984, before her show went national:

Years later I recall some celebrity bragging to Oprah that she was a Jeopardy! question to which Oprah replied, “I was a Jeopardy! category”.